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Do you ever feel like designers make spaces look effortless? Well, I can attest that the effortless looks we all know and love A little of this. A little of that. Any designer, or anyone in the home design and DIY space, can give you their formula for how to achieve the effortless look, it’s […]

4 December 2022

Do you remember back in the 80’s when perms (and mullets) were allllll the rage? Who could forget that, right? Well, I just hadddd to get one of those fancy(?) perms. But when I got mine, it wasn’t in the 80’s. It was in the 90’s – a decade after the trend had ceased to […]

4 September 2022

When it comes to interior design, one of the most important aspects to consider are the furniture pieces you will use. Not only will these decisions contribute to the overall look of your space, but they will play a major role into the overall function and layout of the space. And that, my friend, leads […]

2 August 2022

Here’s a throwback Thursday for you from two years ago… One of the best parts about being an interior designer is the connections you make with others in the field. It’s an extra special perk when you’re a small business owner. No matter what you do, it’s imperative to our human nature to be around […]

28 July 2020

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