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i'm Kylie

Indianapolis Interior Designer, Stylist, and Creative who contributes to Google Maps for fun, ranking in the top 10% worldwide (with over 53M views and going strong).

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The Process

"Kylie is my go-to-gal when it comes to design advice! Her enthusiasm for design and creating new spaces makes the process fun and enjoyable...I highly recommend her work!"

- Allison

The Savings

"I was a little nervous to pay for someone to design a space for me, but I soon realized that I saved so much time and money with her help. She went far above and beyond what I expected..."

- Amber

The Outcome

"Kylie is a gem. I didn’t realize how intimidated I was by the thought of design. She made it fun and friendly. It was fun to show off my house afterwards and provide a cozy space for friends."

- Laura

Your favorite room in the house is about to change.

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Instantly discover your design style and get the advice you need, along with a shoppable design board to help inspire you and incorporate it - all for FREE!

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